Over the last few months my main rabbit website at: http://rabbitbreeders.us/ has been growing at an insane rate! We now have over four times as many rabbit breeders listed in that directory as on the AA RAbbits Directory page!! Just recently I have been working on adding a bunch of content to this site, with the purpose of truely making it the ultimate rabbit breeders resource on the web.

Here are some of our latest articles:

1. http://rabbitbreeders.us/raising-rabbits

 2. http://rabbitbreeders.us/rabbits

3. http://rabbitbreeders.us/rabbit-breeds

4. http://rabbitbreeders.us/pictures-of-rabbits

5. http://rabbitbreeders.us/types-of-rabbits

Go check out the site today, I know that you will LOVE IT :)
Here is a list of the Montgomery County Rabbit Project Meetings for 2011-2012 held by Russell Upton from March Hares Rabbitry at the County Extension Office:

September 27 - Facilities, Housing and Equipment
October 25 - Stock Selection / Feed and Nutrition
November 15 - Breeding and Kindling
January 24 - Health and Sanitation
February 28 - Marketing and Record Keeping
March 27 - Breeds, Varieties and Showing
April 13 -- Market Pen picking (evening before the fair)

See you there!
One of the worst things that can happen, when raising rabbits is finding dead bunnies all over the place... Unfortunately due to the 100 degrees heat wave that we have been experiencing in Texas lately, finding dead bunnies has become an everyday occurrence. Warning don't breed your rabbits in the summer unless you absolutely have to! The stress of pregnancy and heat on does, is definitely not a good combination ):

Well anyway, although our rabbit herd is currently suffering in this heat wave- I have had a few days to stay inside and work on my Rabbit Empire Project: http://rabbitempire.org/ . I have been continuing to develop the rabbit supplies section of my website.  Writing about rabbit cages, rabbit hutches, rabbit food, rabbit feeders, rabbit water bottles and other supplies has kept me busy.

I have been a little bit slow however on updating rabbit for sale ads and breeder directory submissions. I hope to be able to speed this process up within the next two months.

I am happy to announce that aarabbits.com keeps growing in popularity... each and every month. The most viewed pages on our website are our Rabbit Breeders Directory and Rabbits for Sale pages. Our view tutorial pages have also received large numbers of views within the last view months. Most of the traffic from aarabbits.com comes from rabbit raisers searching for information and rabbits for sale on Google. I find it exciting that aarabbits.com (my second website) has become sooo popular.

Jokingly I can say that according to one of my stat counters aarabbits.com is one of the most popular sites on the entire web! LOL I glanced at my stat counter on my Rabbit Picture Gallery page and noticed an enormously huge number of views: 4, 501, 234, 567, 890 -wtf? All my other page counters seem to be working fine -lol :)

Posted by Aaron from http://www.aarabbits.com/
So I wanted to let everyone know... I am in the process of developing a HUGE rabbit information website. The site is going to have tons of features and a wonderful classifieds system. People will have the ability to post rabbit for sale ads, ask questions, post bunny photos, submit stories for contests and much more! The domain name for this site is; rabbitempire.org. I tried to get rabbitempire.com but it was already claimed. Later on I might try to buy that domain too and redirect it to rabbitempire.org. Currently there is some crappy site taking up the domain so I am sure they would sell it to me for a semi-descent price. I am very excited about this new project, it is going to take a ton of time to set everything up though! Right now I am working on setting up a rabbit supplies catalog for the site. Next I will try my best to get information and pictures onto the site.

So if you want to check it out go to rabbitempire.org . I know it is still in the development, but one day it will be amazing. (Pinky promise :) )

-Aaron from http://www.aarabbits.com/
About two weeks ago an Egyptian Rabbit Professor sent me an email, wanting to import something like 200 does and 40 bucks. He was working on a project to try and help decrease poverty in Egypt by supplying families with rabbits to raise for meat. I thought it was a very great cause.... I doubt we personally will be able to supply him with the rabbits due to international shipping fees and regulations.

However I am hoping that I can help him find other rabbit breeders maybe in Europe for instance.

We will see how this project goes......
We currently have some quality californian rabbit trios available. These are some of the best we have ever had for sale.... prices start at $100/trio. If interested be sure to check out our rabbit for sale page for more info.

Today February 19th (my birthday :) ) is the official launch day of http://rabbitbreeders.org.uk/ - an amazing England rabbit breeders list!

The site has a region breeders directory + breed index which gives you the option to search for rabbit breeders in multiple ways.

You can also submit your rabbitry for free using the site :)

Be sure to check it out,

You might have been aware of our canadian rabbit breeders list hosted at aarabbits, but I am about to share with you some very awesome news! We just created a brand new directory (specifically for Canadian Breeders)- Check it out now: http://www.rabbitbreeders.ca/ !

P.S: Be sure to submit your rabbitry to the directory
As many of you might know our rabbit breeders directory has been a major success! People from all around the country (in fact the world), have used our directory on aarabbits.com to find rabbit breeders in their area. However due to site restraints our directory is limited in size and effectiveness. So that is why I am very excited to announce the launch of http://rabbitbreeders.us/ !- Let me just tell you this site in my opinion is pretty awesome. So go check it out and feel free to start browsing and submit your rabbitry to the directory for FREE!